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Norman Berryman will be laid to rest in Perth, Australia

By Piripi Taylor, Te Kāea
  • Northland
  • Australia
Norman Berryman - Photo / file

Former Māori All Black coach, Donny Stevenson will be representing the Northland Rugby Union at the funeral for Norman Berryman, which will be held in Australia.

Northland Union CEO Jeremy Parkinson confirmed this after the family announced that the former All Black will be laid to rest in Perth to remain close to his whānau living there.

"A Tribute to Norm Berryman" page has been set up on Facebook by his family who posted a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has expressed their sorrow and condolences.

Confirmation on Berryman's final resting place in Perth was also posted on to the page in the early hours of this morning, however the place is yet to be decided.

Parkinson said Stevenson coached Berryman in Northland and is also living in Perth now.

There is no confirmation on who will represent Canterbury Rugby at the funeral of the Ngāpuhi rugby great.