No headgear for Tua when sparring

By Tamati Tiananga

He weaves, he pops, he can move for a heavyweight and that’s exactly why many say David Tua has a tough chin.

Tua says this simple method strengthens his ability to weave and avoid punches, and will help him defend himself in the big fight in three weeks' time.

Tua's opponent Alexander Ustinov is very fast with his hands, he's a go-forward fighter and uses his weight and height to his advantage.

Tua's sparring partner Raymond Olubowele is an ideal training partner for Tua, standing at 6f.7in and weighing 125kg.

Tua also believes his new coach has the right skills to prepare him for this fight.

When it comes to motivation, the veteran fighter doesn't lack inspiration, with his nephew’s right by his side every step of the way.