Ngāpuhi paralympian to pursue a law degree

By Eru Paranihi
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

A passion for the environment and disability issues has led to Paralympian Emma Foy pursuing a career in law at the University of Waikato. While her days on the cycling track are finished, there is every chance that she will still be involved with both Paralympics NZ and cycling.

In the space of seven years, Foy’s achievements include three world titles and two paralympic medals.  However, she is destined for greater things.

“Sport isn't gonna be something that you can do forever.  So definitely I want to look to the future and set myself up for a career that can take me through the next twenty, maybe thirty years,” says Foy.

“In the back of my mind I have an interest in environmental law and sustainability, that's something I'm quite passionate about, protecting New Zealand and our land.”

The 2014 Māori Disabled Athlete of the Year now has more time to pursue her passion and is taking the opportunity to make a difference with both hands.

“While you're training and traveling and stuff, you can't really commit to studying something, particularly like law, where it's quite demanding and you have to be in class and doing a lot.  I guess ultimately I just want to do something to help people.”

While her study will take up the majority of her time, she will keep herself active, but there is no chance of her returning to compete in the near future.

“Just this weekend I went to a Paralympic New Zealand open day to get new young people involved in the different sports that are available in their communities, and I hope to be involved in the future.”

Foy’s continued involvement with Paralympic New Zealand will prove an asset for the next generation of disabled athletes.