Ngāpuhi descendant opens his own gym

  • Auckland

At just 20 years old, Jesse Wynyard, of Ngāpuhi is forging a career in the fitness industry. He has been all around the world working as a personal trainer on a cruise ship, managed a sport supplements company and now has turned his hand to setting up his own gym.

The Ngāpuhi descendant says, “the main reason why i got into the working out in the gym and bodybuilding and stuff is because I've always been really skinny”

Jesse has overcome other challenges too. At a mere 17 years of age, he was heading down a destructive path of drugs and alcohol but following his enrolment into a fitness course in 2012, his life drastically changed for the better.

"I was lucky enough to get on the second largest cruise ship in the world. My job was basically public speaking in front of hundreds of people. Training with groups of forty-plus people was a massive life change within the space of four months.”

Jesse spent nine months working and travelling the world proudly showing off his Maori heritage to tourists.

Says Jesse, “every person that has heard my accent, recognised my tattoo, they were absolutely amazed by the idea of our culture about New Zealand and the Māori culture"

After returning home last year, he's managed a supplement company and is now establishing his own Snap Fitness gym in Albany and hopes in the near future he will be able to create his own website to train clients over the internet.

Jesse adds that what he aims to achieve is to "basically work with them through Skype” and “do all their programmes over the Internet”

So much so, that Jesse seems to be practising exactly what he is preaching in his new gym, that old adage that ‘working hard pays off.’