Topic: Netball

Netball umpiring decisions sparks gender debate

By Taroi Black

Male netball umpires have a different view of the game.  This from one male umpire following concerns raised about umpiring decisions at the final of the Netball World Cup over the weekend.

This netball umpire believes that the top male umpires are more than proficient to officiate finals at the World Cup level. 

Marutawhaorere Delamere, “Male umpires are currently capable to officiate the final games.

We are more decisive with the rules compared to female umpires.  Male umpires have a different approach to the game.”

The finals of both the World Cup and Commonwealth Games in the past nine years have been umpired by men, which has its fair share of controversy.

Delamere says, “It is tough. You saw a lot of mistakes get called in a final, however they're only human.”

However former international umpire, Joan Hodson believes that male umpires may take all the glory in a women's game.

She says, “At that level, I’m just really disappointed that as women, we can't see other women actually officiating on a final like that instead of having two men.”

Although Delamere understands where Hodson is coming from, he has his own goals.

He says, “I want to go all the way in my career.”

Delamere has two more badges to go before he can become an international umpire.