Munro-Halkyard sets two new NZ weightlifting records

By Aroha Treacher

Pintsize powerhouse Puawai Munro-Halkyard has set two new NZ records with a 96kg clean and jerk and taking out the overall total title for the 63kg weight class division at the 2014 NZ Nationals Olympic Weightlifting Championships.

Having to drop 2kg in one day to make her 63kg weight division was one of the hardest things that Puawai had to do coming into this competition.

She broke the 91kg clean and jerk record set by Lauren Roberts at this year's Commonwealth Games at a lift of 92kg then broke it again with her second lift of 96kg.

Puawai has proven herself to be one of NZ's top female CrossFitters in the country, while easily transitioning into weightlifting.

She took out the overall total title with a final score of 174kg, 1kg higher than the previous record. The 27-year-old now has her sights set on representing NZ at the next Commonwealth Games.