Mid Northern rodeo celebrate 50th anniversary

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

Cowboys have come from across the nation to Maungatāpere today to compete at the Mid Northern rodeo, which today also celebrated its 50th anniversary. 

The great Mid Northern rodeo is yet another opportunity for all cowboys to show their skills to officials.

Te Orumene Te Wara says, “It’s not just a sport but it bring families together as well, travel the circuit and it’s great.”

Amongst the crowd of cowboys are many new to the sport and then there those from famous rodeo families.

“I enjoy it because I can ride cows and horses and I get to watch the other riders as well,” Te Ohorere Reneti

Since its inception the Mid Northern rodeo has become the largest rodeo in this region with today marking its 50th anniversary.

Past and present organisers joined to celebrate the anniversary of their event.

“What’s really great about it is the joining of man and beast and its a real battle with the aim of having a great ride and increasing your points,” says Te Orumene Te Wara.

From here the rodeo circuit moves on to events in the South Island.