Māori Golf Tournament wraps up

By Heeni Brown

Not long ago, the winners at the Annual Māori Golf tournament were officially awarded their appropriate honours, with Tyler Kingi, our newest Open Women's Champion, securing a spot in the NZ Open.

Very much like a hawk soaring over its prey, everyone had their eyes on the finals today.

Some people had already picked the winners before the end of the rounds.  

Compton Pikari is in the Open Men's final with William Brown who everyone is calling the dark horse of the competition.

Alongside the Open Men's was the Open Women's, where Tyler Kingi was feeling a little frazzled.

However, there can only be one winner, with William Brown winning the men's section and Tyler Kingi taking out the women's title.

That brings the tournament for this year to an end. Next year, they'll meet again in Taupo.