Māori Fighter makes the cut for UFC 'The Ultimate Fighter'

  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Branded in MMA as Dylan ‘The Villain’ Andrews, this strong athlete is now considered one of New Zealand’s most successful MMA fighters living in Australia. Andrews says he wanted to succeed in this sport to provide a better life for his family and help others achieve their dreams as impossible as they may seem.

Andrews says ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ is beyond what he had imagined under the leadership of his coach and lightweight champion Jon Jones.

His experience on the show has opened his mind and bought him even closer to his dream of securing a UFC contract. He says the key for him is focus and training hard, not letting anything steer him away from his dream.

While he has been based in the Gold Coast with his partner and children since 2003 he has returned to New Zealand for a holiday in Thames. However after his landmark achievement he has been inundated with calls and requests from friends and whanau here to run workshops. So answering their calls  he has decided to run a series of workshops for up and coming fighters in New Zealand.

No doubt the talent of this man will only grow and many will be seeing a lot more of him in the near future.