Māori athlete makes sacrifice to provide for next generation

  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

A young Māori athlete, Crystal Kaua, has hung up her playing boots and sold her houses to provide for the next generation of Māori sporting stars.

Stars and future stars come together under the same roof here at the Athletes House in Hamilton.

"Where else in New Zealand can you have high school students and Olympians train together" Kaua says.

Kaua found solace in sports. She says "for me, sports was the difference between staying in school and not."

With help from co-owners Zara Powell and husband Brent Kaua, they are giving back.

"Me and my husband we sold our houses and put everything into creating this because we genuinely believe in changing lives through sport and this was our opportunity to make a real difference," Kaua adds.

You can view the Athletes House website here.