Lisa Carrington prepared to take it to the next level in Portugal

Te Aitanga-a-Māhaki's Lisa Carrington is prepared to take it up a notch at this weekend's final canoe sprint World Cup event. 

Carrington claimed a silver medal in Duisburg a fortnight ago after she was narrowly beaten by reigning Olympic champion Danuta Kozak of Hungary. 

The New Zealand World Champion has been training hard in Munich alongside fellow Olympian Marty McDowell. The pair missed the second World Cup in the Czech Republic to focus on the third round in Portugal on Friday. 

Carrington's coach Gordon Walker is pleased with the progress she has made over the last month. 

"We always knew that Danuta would be back - as you see in a number of events, the cream starts to rise to the top in the very last part of the four-year cycle and the intensity gets really high for those medals.  This week is really about trying to evolve our plan and improve on those little things we picked up in World Cup 1 and then take those into World Cup 3," Walker says. 

Carrington's prime focus is to win double gold in her specialty K1 200m race and 500m at the Rio Olympics. 

She's now won twelve consecutive major titles over 200m including the 2012 Olympics - Kozák's reemergence was the talking point in the 500m.

With just over two months remaining until the Olympics, Walker is using the World Cup events as a way of testing and refining Carrington's technique, rather than making major changes. 

"There's a long way to go between now and Rio.  It's really about being in the best shape you can, once per year, and what it's going to take to do that is probably our biggest consideration," he adds.