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Konrad Hurrell shaves beard for Cure Kids

  • Auckland
Today a Warriors star shaved his beard to help raise funds towards Cure Kids. 
Te Kāea reporter Te Aorere Pēwhairangi was there to catch the action. 
In these tough times for these kids, all Konrad Hurrell wants to do is help.
Konrad Hurrell is shaving his beard to help fund raise for Cure Kids and put smiles on the kids' faces.
Hurrell says, "It's going on seven month now, so yeah, it's hard for me to shave it now but I guess it is for those ones so it's pretty cool."
Tiffany Mitchell from Cure Kids says, "Konrad took it upon himself to have some fun while fundraising for us and give these kids some entertainment but he has also contributed massively towards our cause."
Cure Kids is an organisation who are driven to finding cures for life-threatening illnesses that affect many children. 
Mitchell says, "Everything these kids go through is really serious, in their life day to day medically, so to have someone who they idolise putting themself out there to help them - it's called hope, it gives them hope."
Hurrell has been suspended for the past three weeks, and this weekend he's clear to play, and the shave may help him. 
"If you look sharp you play sharp so hopefully it will help.  Like I said before, I'm just excited to get into it and hopefully I get to play," says Hurrell.
Hurrell is hopeful this might even help him to get noticed by Maria Tutaia and Kayla Cullen.
He says, "I think the chances will be up from one to four now.  The chance is there so hopefully the babes will say yes."