Topic: Rugby League

Kiwi Ferns stronger with new blood coming through

By Wikitōria Day

The Kiwi Ferns have been in training for the past 3 days in preparation for their matches against Australia Nines Competition at the end of this month.

According to Laura Mariu, "It's been quite intense and it's a learning curve for most of the girls. This is the first time for Nines Rugby League so it’s been pretty tough."

Some of the more experienced members of the team believe that the young, new blood will bring more strength to the team.

Both old and new have brought a unique flavour to this weekend's training and the calibre is high.

This will be the first time the Kiwi Ferns will take part in the Nines Competition and they hope to see a continuation of this in the future.

They will play 3 games against Australia and are eager to repeat their win against the Jillaroos last year.