Kahungunu track athlete prepares for World University Games

There are only a few top Māori track athletes in NZ and Rochelle Coster is one who has risen to the top. The Ngāti Kahungunu descendant is now preparing for the World University Games.

Rochelle Coster from Ngāti Kahungunu has one ultimate goal in mind, "Definitely Rio next year, it's always been my dream since i was little to make the Olympics."

But she has a big mountain to climb.

Her trainer Joe Hunter explains, "She usually trains six times a week, probably between an hour and a half to three hours for those training sessions."

This hurdler is preparing for the World University Games held in South Korea in July. 

Coster says, "It's actually ranked above the Commonwealth Games because it's a world event, so by NZ standards it's not as hard to get in to as the Commonwealth Games but it's an event with America, Asia, all over so it's a huge event." 

She is also pursuing university qualifications, "So I'm studying a Diploma in Communications at Massey University, I'm only studying part time to fit it in with work and training and uni and stuff."

Hunter says, "She does a lot of gym work injury prevention type work, yoga, stretching, massage."

Besides her full on training schedule, she also has to raise funds for the trip to Korea but that doesn't include her outfits.

"So my long-term goal is to make sports wear so I have sort of been experimenting with a few things of my own, like the pants that I have on today.  I enjoy it and it's something fun and brings sort of fashion to the track as well," Coster says.