IronMāori workshop to help prep for NZ Ironman

By Mere McLean

More than 40 participants who completed the IronMāori course attended a weekend workshop held in Taupō to prepare for the NZ Ironman.

IronMāori swimmers took to the spiritual waters of Taupō in preparation for the upcoming Ironman.

This year celebrates 30 years of the NZ Ironman event which began in Taupō in 1999.

The event is made up of a 3.8km swim, a 180km return bike ride from Taupō to Reporoa (twice) and a 42.2km run. 

Over 60 competitors who've come through the ranks of IronMāori will participate in this year's NZ's Ironman event.

The founders of the IronMāori event, Wayne Skipworth and his wife Heather, are elated to hear the number of Māori participants in the major upcoming challenge.

March 1 is the day competitors, who have sacrificed so much to reach peak condition, will put it all on the line.