IRF World Rafting Championships

By Mere McLean
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

It was a showcase affair with spectacular flips at the IRF World Rafting Championships today.

There are four NZ teams competing at the worlds.

It's a no backing down situation in this section of the IRF World Rafting Championships on the Kaituna river near Rotorua.

It's about hitting the mark and getting in front but anything can happen, and that was proven by the USA and Japan open women's head-to-head race today. 

Paul Roozendaal from Kaihoe Aotearoa Tane says, "You can win the starts here, but also pass further down the track, and I saw Japan flip too.  It's such a fun race here."

The NZ Men's team won gold yesterday in section one of the competition, but they say today is a new day.

Sam Sutton also from Kaihoe Aotearoa Tane says. "We've just been through the first round against Czech Republic and we're up against Brazil who are the favourites to take out this event.

It's going to be tied races in the quarter final or semi-final."

It's day two of the opens and masters' competition and the atmosphere here is buzzing.

Sutton says, "It's amazing to have the rafting worlds in Aotearoa, and the Kaituna has one of the most amazing rafting sections."

There are still two more sections left in the championship and the NZ teams are looking to finish strong.