Topic: Health

Inspiring individuals attend Botany Summer Fun Run and Walk

By Tamati Tiananga

The Annual Botany Summer Fun Run and Walk attracts many people of all ages.  

For one Māori whānau, it is an event they can participate in that allows them to involve their daughter with a disability.

According to Jason Kapa, “For us it's about giving her as much opportunity to experience things in life and this is just one of them.” 

Alisha was born with the disability, but that hasn't stopped her parents from keeping her active.  They are also involved with Wiki Workz which is a community-based fitness group founded by Warrior legend, Ruben Wiki. 

Bodybuilder, Brooke Thomsen-Tuatao also participated in the event and says health is very important.  

Brooke, along with a group of supportive mums, represented her business 'Fit Mumz'.   

Brooke says, “Getting women out, getting them motivated, inspired and motivated to do things outside of the gym as well.”