Hurricanes lock James Broadhurst retires

By Ani-Oriwia Adds
  • Wellington

Renowned for his high work rate, athleticism, and experience. Now James Broadhurst is retiring. Broadhurst announced his retirement today, just 29 years old, due to the ongoing effects of a concussion. Former New Zealand Māori player and close friend to Broadhurst, Ben May says that he and the team are disappointed in the news but are in full support of Broadhurst and his families decision.

May says we were very hopeful that he would come back and make a full recovery from the concussion, but you know he’s tried hard and he’s done a lot of work with specialists and it just hasn’t been the case.

May says that it has been very hard to watch his friend go through something like this and that he has had concentration problems whilst studying because of the concussions.

Broadhurst retires with an impressive playing resume including earning a test cap against South Africa at Ellis Park in Johannesburg in 2015 where he was part of a 27-20 All Blacks victory. Coach Chris Boyd says that Broadhurst was instrumental in 2015 in getting them across the game line through the middle field, and says it was probably the best football that he's played.

Boyd says that concussions are quite topical at the moment whether it’s a shoulder a knee a head at the end of the day it's a high-impact collision sport, and there will be people that unfortunately their career ends because of injury, and there will be people that go through long careers with no injury.

May says that a farewell for Broadhurst is in the works, but will be kept under wraps for now.