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High performance Māori sports school approved by MoE

It's been 11 years in the making, but the Ngāti Kauwhata-led sports initiative Manukura are excited to be given approval by the Minister of Education to be a state designated special character school in high performance sport, which means the school will receive direct funding from the Ministry of Education in 2016.

It's a school for the mind, body and spirit.

Nathan Durie says, “From the beginning, our goal has been for our students to reach new heights in education, sports and also as Māori.”

This high performance sport school, Manukura, has received some good news. They will receive direct funding from the Ministry of Education.

Yvette McCausland-Durie says, “It's been 11 years of working through being largely a satellite arrangement under a number of host schools, and now we get the chance to be a special character state designated school in 2016 so exciting times.”

The school has had plenty of success stories.  Current Māori All Black and Hurricane Otere Black and Southern Steel shooter Brooke Leaver are both graduates of the school.

Nathan Durie says, “Despite the successes of the students in sport, they are also going to universities around the country and the world.” 

The results don't lie. Since its inclusion, the NCEA pass rate in levels 1, 2 and 3 is 97%.  That's seven times higher than the national average for Māori. 

The school is certainly directing their young aspiring Māori athletes toward a pathway to success.