Friends and family farewell Norman Berryman at Horahora Rugby Club

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

At this very hour the funeral service for rugby star Norman Berryman is taking place in Perth, Western Australia before his burial there later this afternoon.

But for the many family and friends who cannot be there in person, a live link has been organised to enable them to watch the proceedings from afar. 

Where else than the Horahora Rugby Club for friends and family to link to the funeral for Stormin Norman.

Doug Te Puni says, “This guy was running 70 metres down the paddock scoring tries you know, at will. So yeah that stuff I remember and the fact that when he was running away from those crowds he was laughing and giggling the same way at his opposition.”

Moses Cherrington says, “He will be buried today and we are here to have a service for him and celebrate his life despite the fact that he is not here.”

It was his younger children who decided that there dad be buried in the place they know as home.

Cherrington says, “I said to selectors, “I’ll tell you once, you put this boy in your team and in time he will be an All Black”. They laughed but 3 years later he was an All Black.”

A character much loved for his superlative skills on the field and his easy cheeky happy nature. 

Today there are reports of a mass turnout of mourners to his funeral.

Doug Te Puni says, “His legacy is still through here even though he's been gone from the club for years you know, we often talk about Norm Berryman and all his feats and all this and that and how he was bloody hopeless at training, yet he was the most skilful man around. You know you just can’t explain that type of freakiness.”

Famous for his endless smile, today it is lost from sight.  Farewell Normy!