Five Māori youth come out on top at Teen Gauntlet in America

  • North Island: East Coast

Five young Māori from the East Coast recently went over to the Teen Gauntlet competition held in America and have returned home with two golds and a bronze.

Tuteari TeRauna-Lamont and Trynatee Lolohea were part of the group and have returned as champions.

Mr TeRauna-Lamont attributed his win to the support of his family and supporters, “I'm glad to come away with the win. But my success is not the work of one, it's that of many.”

His coach Renae Lolohea said the win was a really big achievement, “Really proud of them and all the hard work they've put in.”

The Teen Gauntlet is about adapting to what is thrown at you and that's exactly what these kids had to do, “We had expected it to be middle of summer 30 degrees, so we had ice buckets and that sort of stuff and it rained the first day that we were there and torrential rains, thunder and all that,” said Mrs Lolohea.

They plan on taking a break next, but that's where their similarities end.

Trynatee Lolohea says, “I'm going to eat all the takeaways, I don't like fruit or veggies.”

TeRauna-Lamont wants to “go home and train. Start back from square one.”