Topic: Touch Rugby

Despite loss BoP woman’s touch team remain focussed

By Wikitōria Day

The Bay of Plenty women's open team tried to make a strong comeback at the National Touch competition this weekend, but lost by only one point in a semi-final that proved controversial in their match against Waikato. 

Eliza Ward, "I thought we played well as a team.  We stayed positive, we stayed as a team, united as one"

Bay of Plenty felt their last two tries that were disallowed should have in fact been awarded.

Kimberly Raynes says, "It's pretty disheartening in a crucial match like that to come away with a loss by one on that last hooter and another try that we thought was a try that was disallowed but that’s the game of touch".

Despite the unfortunate situation, Bay of Plenty is looking forward to working towards their goal in future tournaments.

Waikato took the win 6-5.