Crossfit: The rise of Luke Fiso

By Aroha Treacher
  • Wellington

The rise of CrossFit athlete Luke Fiso has come at a rapid pace.  After only three years in the sport of fitness, Fiso claimed New Zealand's fittest individual male title for 2016 and he's racked up an impressive amount of accolades along the way. 

Today he's training at Urban Fitness in Wellington with two other regional athletes, his buddies Michael Mikaere and Kahn May.

The guys are getting together for a brutal session as preparations begin for The Open, one of the biggest events on the global CrossFit calendar.

Fiso comes from a premiere rugby background as well making the Wellington Sevens Squad, but these days Luke Fiso is carving out a name for himself in the world of CrossFit.

After getting his first taste of CrossFit when watching some of the country's top athletes compete at the now defunct Wellington Cup he went to find out more about the sport.

"I looked up CrossFit Games and saw Rich Froning and thought I could beat him, but ever since then I've been trying my best to get there and I'm finding out at each stage - like The Open at then regionals that you have to work really really hard, so hence having to pretty much make my life revolve around it so that I can fit in training and recovery," he says.

Since then he's had a win at every major competition in New Zealand everything from Battle of the Fittest, the New Zealand Pound 4 Pound Postal, the Wellington Cup most recently in the inaugural CrossFit New Zealand Nationals and the list goes on.

He took out top individual male spot in the CrossFit Open this year and ended the Pacific Regional in the top 20, coming in at number 16. 

"I really am quite surprised," he says at all of his success,  "but I had a good level of fitness before going into CrossFit and that's helped me a lot."

Now that CrossFit season is beginning to heat up he's upping his strength and conditioning in preparation for next year come qualification time.

"Straight after regionals I had about 2-3 weeks off , I really like training and I was trying to stay away actually but then after that I've gone back to double sessions probably 3 to 4 times a week and then training 6 out of 7 days a week."

He lives a busy life as the head coach and owner of Instinct Fitness in Wellington where he coaches CrossFit and helps others along their own fitness journey.

But for this 26-year-old he has his eye firmly on the prize, firstly qualifying for the Pacific Regional and then making it to the pinnacle of the sport, The CrossFit Games in America next year.