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Call for more support towards Māori sports from politicians

Chief Executive of the Māori Sports Awards Dick Garratt has worked tirelessly to support Māori sport and says these sporting organisations are in danger at the moment due to the lack of funding.  He wants the government to do more.

Garratt wants commitment from whoever gets into government that Māori sport won't be forgotten or swept aside, and instead resourced properly.

“It's really important. You can't have all those whānau that run hockey and tennis, and all those other sports, hanging on their coat tails to see whether can we manage another year, can we survive another year?" he explains.

In the Budget this year, Māori sporting and cultural activities received a contestable pool of $10million over the next four years.

Garratt has a request to the future Minister of Māori Affairs and the Minister of Sport.

"Not to ignore us, come and meet with us face-to-face for the future because I believe we're in a dangerous situation," he says.

Garratt wants the politicians to listen to the plight of Māori sport.