Boxing champs daughter sets sights on pro career

By Tamati Tiananga

Talia Waaka, daughter of top New Zealand female boxer, Daniella Smith, is aiming to follow in her mother's footsteps by turning professional this year. Talia will enter the corporate boxing ring for the third time next weekend.

Talia hopes to soon become a professional boxer, she says while a lot of people have expectations, her core focus is to “make her mum proud” and achieve the goal she has set for herself.

However, getting more experience in the corporate ring is her short-term goal.

Just like her mother, former IBF Female Welterweight World title holder Daniella Smith, Talia is also an orthodox fighter, and hopes to continue her style. 

Talia has teamed up with renowned NZ boxing trainer, Chris Martin, who is David Tua's former trainer.

Martin says, “ her mother has drilled her really well, she understands real fundamentals about working off centre line and she’s weaving and rolling and she’s got a good kit of punches.”

Talia will fight against Māori boxer, 20-year-old Soma Ropata.