Baseball CEO praises Aotearoa All Stars

By Eru Paranihi
  • Auckland

Baseball New Zealand is set to benefit hugely from the recent success of one of their teams in the US.

The Aotearoa All Stars are the first New Zealand side to win a tournament in America.

The feedback and praise have continued to come in since the success of the Aotearoa All Stars team.

They recently participated in the Back to School Bash tournament, which is a lead-in to the Cal Ripken World Series.

Baseball New Zealand CEO Ryan Flynn says, “It's been probably one of the biggest social media responses that I've seen ever from the New Zealand sporting spectrum.”

Since winning the Back to School Bash tournament, the team has been inundated with attention from media and scouts.

“There's talk now, there's chatter. That's really important for us as we travel the world, [and] get more kids into college. The doors open when we win.”

Flynn is determined for Baseball New Zealand to capitalize on this tournament win and avoid becoming a one-off.

“We're as good of athletes as anyone in the world, but they've gotta [sic] play more baseball so they're not just raw athletes. They have the instincts to play at higher levels.”

The New Zealand side now turn their attention to the Cal Ripken World Series.

The taste of another tournament win would be even sweeter for the American-born CEO.

“This team obviously has something special.”

“I expect this entire team could be college ball players at a minimum. I'm sure there's [sic] pro-prospects in this group of 15 right now, I'm certain.”

Flynn believes it is only a matter of time before more teams emulate the feats of the Aotearoa All-stars.