Australian Māori Rugby League - Battle of the four regions

  • Australia

The Norths Māori Rugby League side have further stamped their mark on Māori rugby league winning this year’s Ngā Hau e Whā held in Sydney, Australia. Under new coaching staff this year, the side looked to improve on an impressive win record.However, it was the Māori atmosphere of the competition that stood out on the day.

A competition of four regions with the best of the best from Māori rugby league.

Norths Māori Head coach Brad Clark says, “Seeing all the whānau from all over the motu, and just happy to get away with the win.”

The biggest hits Australia has seen all from a bit of Māori flair on display at Sydney's St Mary's Rugby League Stadium. The Ngā Hau e Whā competition welcomed the Māori league sides of Australia to play Māori league under Māori values.

Te Tai Hauāuru West Captain Kurt Kara says, “Yeah as I said, another successful day for footy, and for Māori culture, and good to hang out with these little young ones and all the whānau together.”

Just like its name, the Māori league sides have come from the four regions of Australia. The ultimate of Māori rugby league displays on the other side of the Tasman.

Norths Māori player Zach Dockar-Clay says, “It's a good day for Māori people and to be back down here with all the Māori's and run around and should be a good day and hopefully, we go well in the finals.”

Through a vast selection of NRL and first-class players, the North's side was in incomparable form. Half AJ Taumata once again leading the North's side from the front.

Norths Māori Co-Head coach Troy Savage says, “We've had our players here for the last couple of years to join together to make a real good squad, and players are coming in and added to the ability of our team.”

Te Raki are this year's Ngā Hau e Whā champions once again. However, there are more winners from this initiative.

Souths Māori Azan Turoa says, “It's a good game good atmosphere, really great day and I'm really happy to be a part of it.”

With NSW Māori Rugby League holding the hosting rights to this year's competition, the rights will now transfer to Queensland.