Arm wrestler Mateiwarangi Heta-Morris to take on former World champ

By Tamati Tiananga
  • Auckland

Today New Zealand's heavyweight arm wrestler Mateiwarangi Heta-Morris left for Hong Kong to represent NZ at this year's Arnold Classic Asia to face Norway Champion Lars Rorbakken. The eleven-hour flight ahead will give Heta-Morris time to focus on the job ahead and map out a plan to tackle the Supermatch.

Mateiwarangi Heta-Morris says, “He hasn't competed at the World Champs lately but he has been the World Champion before. I have seen him compete I know his style, I have had to work on my technique to count for that. I feel like I might have a chance to pull something out of the bag”. 

Heta-Morris was invited to compete last month and has had to raise $3000 to pay for his travel. It was only this morning the full amount of funds was deposited to his account.

Mateiwarangi Heta-Morris says, “A lot of people that I didn't know chip in and they see me on the streets and they know who I am. The kind of support they give its good.”  

Heta-Morris admits he was worried about the lack of funds, but the last minute purchase of merchandise and other goods helped with fundraising.  

“Plans didn't fall though and it's sort of a lesson I guess but we made it”.

Last month's win in the final of the New Zealand fitness Expo against Australian champion Brett Coutts will no doubt be a booster for him. 

Heta-Morris says, “I feel more motivated and confident after that. I got to learn a bit more in-depth about my own style and how my training is coming along”.

He adds if he gets the victory this will open the door to more international competitions