Almost, but not quite

Almost, but not quite.  That's the story for Emirates Team NZ who are chasing one more win over Oracle Team USA to win the America's Cup, but wind limit breaches have led to further race delays.

One Māori yachtsman, however, is confident NZ will once again be the holders of the America's Cup.

Disappointment on the faces of NZers who were eager to see their team win the America's Cup today.

Rawiri Hahipene-Geddes is a yachtsman from the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron.  He was one of many who woke up early this morning to watch the races between Emirates Team NZ and Oracle Team USA.

NZ only needed one win heading into race one this morning, but because of a slow start, Oracle won the race.

However, like the other days, the weather got the better of the teams and race two was cancelled.

This Ngāti Awa and Ngāi Tai descendant is only one of a few Māori participating in this sport and is working his way towards fulfilling his dream of being part of Team NZ one day.

Tomorrow morning, Team NZ will try to obtain the America's Cup once again.