Alfriston College set to defend title at National Secondary School Touch Tournament

By Te Kāea
  • Auckland

The National Secondary School Touch Tournament takes place this weekend, with over 50 schools participating in this year’s competition.

Te Kāea spoke with the mixed touch defending champions Alfriston College.

Coach Mere Rangihuna says, “Part of our team culture is making sure it's not about us, it's about our school, and our whānau, and making sure they're comfortable in our school environment as well.”

These are words of encouragement students apply as they strive to achieve in life.

According to the team captain, Rory Marshall-Barton, “She's hard but she's good, she knows how to motivate us, and she knows how to put us in place, and she's really good at keeping us organised.”

Co-captain Tessa Scholten says,”Last year I was really glad she made me play because Nationals was an awesome experience and getting to go to Queensland, those memories will last forever.”

To prepare for this year’s competition, they went to the All Schools tournament in Australia, there they looked at leadership skills and team work, and from that they were able to select the captains.

“Making me co-captain with Rory has brought up my confidence, I've really had to step and push my team and make sure I'm someone that they can look up to,” says Scholten.

According to Rangihuna, “Her and Rory are a really good combination and a nice balance for us. They're well respected not only by this group of players but also the wider community.

Kick off for the first game is 10am at Bruce Pullman Park, Takanini.