Age no barrier for master CrossFit games athlete

By Aroha Treacher

Garry Jones is proving that age is nothing but a number, at 62 years old he's qualified for his third CrossFit Games in America as a master.

It's the pinnacle event on the CrossFit calendar where only the most elite CrossFit athletes in the world get to compete.

Garry Jones is not your average grandfather.

He's a world class athlete, who trains hard, and can do things that a lot of people half his age can't and he's made it to the CrossFit Games in America for the third time.

Garry says, “Yeah I am actually, pretty wrapped after the first two times when I decided to have another go at it I wasn't quite sure where I'd be, but I managed to make the top 20.”

His first CrossFit Games in 2012 saw him walk away with a bronze, 2013 saw him take home the silver, so is it gold that's on the menu next?

He says, “That would be nice, I don't think so, really just want to go and finish up, it will be my last trip across, to concentrate on the younger ones coming through.”

He spent 22 years in the NZ Army, 19 of those spent with the elite combat unit, the Special Air Service (SAS).

“I think the mental hardness of it all when the going gets tough in a comp it's all about reaching down into the dark places, places you've never been into and that's what the Army’s done for me.”

Come July 21 he'll compete in Carson City California over a gruelling three day period of fitness work outs all designed to separate the men from the boys.