3 on 3 Basketball Summer Series wraps up

  • Auckland

The 3x3 National Basketball summer tournaments have been travelling up and down the country over the last two months and Aotea Square was fortunate enough to have hosted the final of the series.

A group of youngsters from the Far North, however, are enjoying their experience in the proverbial ‘big smoke’ and at the tournament.

Peter Poharama, coach of the Far North basketball team says, "it's a new experience for them, that’s what there's a better way is all about, is to get the kids out of what they normally do"

Tyson Hunia, of Ngāpuhi noted that "Rugby wasn't really my thing, and my Uncles wanted me to play a sport and I found this and I started to like it"

Peter runs the youth program "There's A Better Way" so it's not so much about the result but the participation for the kids, that is the main focus for him.

"Our goals today [are] just experience, hopefully the kids enjoy their game, [we’re] not really here to win but if we win that's a bonus” says Peter.

The Women's section was just as impressive, and the ‘Westeez’ team who entered were too strong in the final taking home the championship title.

Wuanyei Ah-Hing of the ‘Westeez’, celebrated the fact that "It was our first time we put together this team we thought we'd come out and have a good hit out”

Regardless of the results, it was a great event to finish off the summer 3x3 series.