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2017 World Indigenous Nations Games to be hosted by Enoch Cree Nation

More than 4000 athletes representing close to thirty countries will participate in the 2nd Annual World Indigenous Nations (WIN) Games in July.

The event will be hosted by the Enoch Cree Nation in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and will showcase multi-sport and traditional events of indigenous nations from across the globe.

The theme of this year’s event will carry the theme of Peace, Reconciliation and Cultural Diversity.

Countries already registered to compete include Costa Rica, Russia, Ethiopia, Finland, New Zealand, Australia and USA.

The last event held in Brazil saw the Aotearoa Wāhine rōpū captained by Davina Thompson win gold for the tug of war in the grand final against a local Brazilian tribe.

According to Grand Chief J. Wilton (Willie) Littlechild “Sport has the power to change lives. We’ve gone through a very sad chapter in Canada where our cultures have been suppressed.

“We are calling on all governments to join us in leaving a positive legacy for all humanity. The WIN Games captures the spirit of traditional games, sport and culture, which brings together many Indigenous Nations. We are very proud to welcome WIN Games to Treaty No.6 and all the international delegations.”

Events held at the competition include canoeing, indigenous relay races, swimming, Soccer, archery, spear throwing, tug of strength and lacrosse.

The opening ceremonies will kick start the event July 2nd and will close on July 9th at the Enoch Powwow. Indigenous Peoples from Canada will showcase Indian Horse Relay, Lacrosse and Denesuline Hand Games.

Participating countries will also share their traditional games as a demonstration sport throughout the week. Join us in the most anticipated international sporting event this year, which coincides with Canada’s 150th Anniversary and the 140th Anniversary of Treaty No 6.