17-year-old sets sights onbeing No.1 in Crossfit

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Crossfit is a discipline that is sweeping the world by storm and for one 17-year-old Hastings Boys High School student, Aidan Te Wake, he's up there with the world's best, ranking in the top 15, but it's the top he's got his sights set on.

Aidan Te Wake is earning his stripes as he works his way through crossfit ranks.

Clocking up 152 double-unders in 90secs and completing the crossfit benchmark workout FRAN in 3:59, shows why he is ranked third in Australasia and sitting at 14th place in the world ranks for his age group.

With one more year up his sleeve in the varsity age group before he turns 18, he will be using the time well to prepare for the next level.

He may be used to getting first place in the crossfit competitions, but I think he's no match for me and my pull ups.