NZ AFL stars eager for Boomerangs clash

By Wikitōria Day
  • North Island: East Coast
  • Australia

Some might think the Hawkes Bay AFL team are full grown men, but surprisingly, they are only 16 years old or younger.

Te Kopa Tipene Thomas and Te Rei Clark are the two Māori players who have earned a position in the U16 NZ Hawkes Bay team, and they've learned a lot since they were selected.

According to Clark, “It's different. I like all the skills that are intertwined in the sport and it mixes in with lots of different sports I like to play.”

Despite the fact that this sport hasn't reached all areas of NZ,

AFL has become a basis for all aspects of Tipene Thomas sporting life.

“It's got me into a few things like coaching, and trying to teach people the skills and stuff from AFL, so it's good.”

The pair are eager to play in the upcoming games, and they also have goals for the future.

Their first game will take place at Hutt Park in Wellington at 2pm tomorrow, and at midday on Saturday they will again challenge the Flying Boomerangs.