Berridge defends PABA belt by TKO

  • Australia

Robbie Berridge's elation was evident after successfully defending his PABA belt.

Robbie started the bout with precision, attacking his opponent and making his punches connect.

Foley's punches were just as explosive, and he landed some of his own on Robbie in the fifth round.

Both boxers then continued to trade blows until the end of the round.

While Robbie kept making contact and looked to be getting the better of Foley, the Australian stunned the defending champ and put him on the ground.

“The Butcher” Berridge found his willpower coming back stronger in the seventh round.  Foley showed the heart of a lion, coming back time and time again.

But it was Robbie's constant attack that wore Foley down, and in the 10th round, the Kiwi was rewarded with the win.

From the nature of this fight, it seems a third Berridge vs Foley bout looks likely in the future.