Despite loss the Blues still walkaway champs

  • Australia

It has been eight long and tiring years but finally the Blues have their hands on the State of O shield.

With the series already won by the Blues, the Queensland Maroons wanted to make sure they finished the series off with a win but the Blues quickly responded adding points with a penalty.

After multiple attempts of failing to cross the Blues line, the Maroons were finally rewarded with their first points through Captain Cameron Smith taking the lead in to break 6-2.

The Maroons started the 2nd half with a try to fullback Billy Slater.

Though the Blues managed to pick-up points through Rhys Dugan, it didn't stop the onslaught by the Maroons.  In the final eight minutes the home side remarkably crossed the line three more times winning the game 32-8.

Regardless of the loss, the Blues can now safely put the shield in their trophy cabinet for the Next Year.