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Young Iharaia's talent shines despite suffering from rare condition

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  • Auckland
Young Iharaia Simmonds - Photo / Simmonds Whānau

Despite being diagnosed with a very rare condition, seven-year-old Iharaia Simmonds still manages to put a smile on many faces by singing his favourite songs which have become a hit on social media. 

Iharaia suffers from Budd Chiari Syndrome which he was diagnosed with when he was just one, the disease causes a blockage of the hepatic veins that drain the liver. 

He underwent a liver transplant, however 7 months later his new liver clotted.  Due to the rarity of the condition, there aren't a lot of options left for him and the only treatment he is enduring at this stage is a blood thinning treatment and a liquid chemotherapy. This will eradicate platelets produced by his bone marrow. 

Despite his life heavily consisting of visits to the hospital, the illness can't mask the natural ability and talent of this gifted youngster and videos posted of him showcasing this talent are creating a sensation online.

Here is just one of the clips of him singing Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk".  

"When we wake up and see Iharaia, we know we have another day to spend with him.  Our special little boy is constantly in and out of hospital," says his whānau.

While day-to-day life has been a major struggle for Iharaia and his whānau, they have been invited to go to Disneyland in Los Angeles this September with his liver foundation.

His whānau have already started fundraising with sausage sizzles and raffles to help first with necessities, and set up a Givealittle page to help them hopefully travel overseas for treatment.

So far, the whānau has raised a total of $210 but continue to encourage people to donate to their little boy.