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Winston Peters could be PM - Richard Prebble

By Kawekōrero
  • Auckland

Kawe Roes, Ngahuia Wade, Richard Prebble, Roihana Nuri - Image supplied

Former Act Party Leader and Labour Minister Richard Prebble said on Māori TV's Kawekōrero tonight that Winston Peters would go with whichever party offers him the Prime Ministership.  After forty years in parliament it is the one job he has never had.

Mr. Prebble said that it is not impossible.  The Prime Minister’s real power is allocating the portfolios.  In a coalition the parties would agree on this leaving the Prime Minister to be the front man.  Who better than Winston.

Mr. Prebble also said he thought that if the Māori Party had led the fight against Labour’s water tax, “the biggest grab of Māori property rights since the land wars”, it could have won all seven seats.

He pointed out that in Germany, the Free Democrats who lost all their seats in the last MMP election, in this Sunday’s election,  the Free Democrats are back. The expectations on Labour from Māori are so high, voters, he predicts will be disillusioned.  The Maori Party with a new leader can come back.