Window washer faces Marae Justice

By Heeni Brown
  • Auckland
Mansell Dickson faces Papakura Marae Justice

25-year-old Mansell Dickson faces the Marae Justice Panel after being approached by Auckland Council officers and charged for breaching the Public Safety and Nuisance bylaw where it is illegal to wash or offer to wash a vehicle in an intimidating manner, causing a nuisance to any person, or causing an obstruction to traffic.

Dickson says "I'm happy that I'm here with my people sorting it out because I don't really believe in Pakeha jurisdiction as well, I believe in coming back to our own people for justice."

Dickson appeared before kuia, kaumatua, whānau and Police on offences relating to a series of incidents while window washing on South Auckland's Cavendish Drive intersection.

Papakura Marae justice panelist Brian Joyce says Marae justice is an alternative way to settle issues outside of Court.

"As you know this is part of the police process so rather than sending this case to court they have given him the opportunity to attend Marae Justice Community Panel. It is here that we discuss the facts and impacts and between us all we look for a suitable remedy. We report back to the police once he has completed all the agreed outcomes and that will be the end of the matter. If on the other hand he did not fulfil the agreement the police will refer the case to Court," says Joyce.

Agreements that are signed between the panelists and the offender last for six weeks and must be adhered to. If they are not and in the case of Mansell Dickson, he will be sent back to Court.

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