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Whangaruru principal says recent attacks on charter schools is politically driven

By Dean Nathan
  • Northland

Recent attacks on the Whangaruru Charter School in Northland and charter schools in general were politically motivated. This from the principal of the Whangaruru Charter School who extended a special invitation to Te Kāea to speak with her today.

The principal of this charter school that opened its doors earlier this year says that it's by no coincidence they've received a lot of flak in the media in the days leading up to the recent election.

Principal Natasha Sadlier says, “There were a whole range of what I'd call teething issues to deal with when the school started but it's not as though we just let the problems continue. No, we actually worked our hardest to address those issues and we have done so.”

It's a school aimed at raising the achievement levels of youth who haven't thrived in the mainstream school system.  So, it's not as if teaching staff have a lot of time to ponder recent media reports.

Natasha Sadlier says, “Some are keen on motorbikes or horses while there is a class running now for those interested in getting a skippers licence and over there we have kapa haka so our curriculum is very broad.”

The lessons at this charter school don't stop at the classroom door but include the wider range of skills and activities in the natural environment.  

Currently, a majority of the 49 students are local however some travel quite a distance from Whangarei each day to be schooled here.

There are plans to increase the school roll next year to 70 students.