Whānau protest Housing NZ eviction

By Numia Ponika-Rangi
  • Auckland

Today was supposed to be the day the Kahui-Ariki family were to be evicted from their Housing New Zealand home in Mt Roskill, however Housing New Zealand failed to show up to execute the eviction Notice.

Raniera Kahui-Ariki and his family vowed to fight the eviction and the allegations of anti-social behaviour which initially sparked this issue.

The Kahui-Ariki family consisting of Raniera (a paraplegic), his sister Waiata and her children, were to be evicted from their Housing New Zealand home today following historical allegations by a former neighbour of anti-social behaviour against Raniera.  Allegations the family protest vigorously.

Marama Kahui-Ariki says, “I think that if the media and there wasn't so much support around this that they would've come today with the bailiff and my sister and my brother would be homeless.”

Housing New Zealand's agents didn't come to execute the eviction this morning at the time they stipulated, however the family were told over the phone that; "Housing New Zealand policy is they do not evict people who will then become homeless."

Marama Kahui-Ariki says, “There will be no meeting or eviction happening today.  They are not in the policy of evicting people or making them homeless apparently.”

Waiata Kahui-Ariki says, “I think it's a load of bogus.  2 weeks ago they gave us less than 24 hours to get outta here, this is why it's come to this.”

In addition to that, an ongoing issue with the family is Housing New Zealand's disinterest to grant applications for a disabled shower and toilet facilities for Raniera.

Waiata Kahui-Ariki says, “Yes definitely all my brother wanted is a shower and toilet in his own home.”

Raniera Kahui-Ariki says, “The builder from ACC came in, had a look at the plans, yes I'll do it in 1 week.  Come Monday when he was supposed to come in, Housing New Zealand had already put a hold on it.”

Te Kāea has received another statement from Housing New Zealand this morning which says.

"While the eviction order at the Mount Albert Road address remains in place, we will be extending this today to enable us to continue to work with the whānau and stakeholders to find a workable solution to accommodate Mr Kahu Ariki."

Tomorrow's another day.