Wellington Police in drink-driving crackdown

  • Wellington

Police are reminding people to plan ahead in order to get home safely after enjoying pre-Christmas parties and festivities as Aotearoa enters the holiday season.

Police will be out in strength in Wellington tomorrow night (Friday 25 November), reinforcing this reminder as part of a district-wide, alcohol-focused prevention operation.

Superintendent Steve Greally, National Manager Road Policing, says plans for the evening include random breath testing and alcohol checkpoints, as well as speed enforcement and checks on seatbelt and child restraint use.

“The ideal result for police from an operation like this would be zero infringements and nobody caught driving with excess breath alcohol.  This would show that people are making good choices and looking after themselves and their mates,” says Greally.

“The safest option is not to drink at all before driving because even small amounts of alcohol can impair your ability to drive.  If you are planning on drinking, however, then we encourage you to make safe travel plans before you start drinking."

Plans made during or after drinking are likely to lack good judgment, according to Greally.

“Police have no interest in stopping anyone having a good time over the holiday period, but we absolutely do want everyone to get home safely after a night out.”