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Waitangi festivities bringing together all peoples

By Wepiha Te Kanawa
  • Northland

Despite the low numbers that turned out to the Waitangi Grounds yesterday, spectators and supporters of the celebrations didn't fail to turn out today.

With a line-up of performances by Te Waka Huia, Hātea and Ardijah later tonight, masses were drawn back to Waitangi. 

Some things at Waitangi have remained the same and still amaze the thousands of people who come to the celebrations.

Some people come every year, for others it's a first-time experience.

Canadian tourist Sarah Laviolette says, "Being here, it feels a little bit like home, people all getting together to protest to protect their lands and their rights.  So we pretty much have the same situation at home I love it, it feels like home here."

Exactly what our Matatini champions said, it's the youth who are hearing the call, and feeling the spirit of Waitangi.

175 years on, Waitangi is still an evolving event and thanks to technology and social media it can be celebrated and remembered in many different ways.