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Wairua Challenge accepted by Māori TV news teams

By Kawekōrero
  • Auckland

News and production crews at Māori Television took on the 'Wairua Challenge' to end NZ Music Month on a high note.

The challenge involves bombing someone on a video by dancing to Maimoa Music's latest single 'Wairua'.

Presenter Piripi Taylor was pre-recording a cross to Reporter Mānia Clarke at Māori Television station in Auckland when production and news crews bombarded the studio and newsroom with a flash mob dancing to the climax of the song. 

Music artist Turanga Merito, who helped Maimoa Music with 'Wairua', took to Facebook and said “FIERCE ending to NZ Music Month - the Wairua of Maimoa Music FlashMob Bombing The Maori News - Te Kaea. Congrats brothers and sissys - look what you've started”.

Maimoa Music member Tawaroa Kawana said, “Māori Television giving the #wairuachallenge a go." 

Kawana has also laid a challnege to any other followers of the song to “Show us what you got” and film a Wairua Challenge too.

The 12 member group composed ‘Wairua’ in April this year and so far the music video to the song has reached more than 650,000 views on Facebook.