Waikato-Tainui to work with CYF

By Heeni Brown
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Rahui Papa has only been in his Te Arataura Chairman position for two months, and he has already signed a memorandum of understanding between Waikato-Tainui and Child Youth and Families (CYF). Their goal is to make sure all Tainui descendants are out of CYF care by 2050.

According to Rahui Papa of all vulnerable children in Government care, 10% are of Waikato-Tainui decent.

He wants these children to be cared for by those families within his iwi.

This is the third agreement signed between CYF and a tribal entity.

Minister of Social Development Paula Bennett says too many Māori children are hurt and abused, and by working together with iwi we can support these children and their families earlier.

Waikato-Tainui have suggested they will look back on the proverbs of their ancestors to guide them towards realising their aspirations.

The Ministry is simply aiming to bring down those statistics relating to vulnerable Māori children.