Vaike family’s wish for the New Year

  • Auckland

Whilst New Zealand celebrates the New Year, the Vaike family of Auckland is celebrating a very special milestone, the first birthday of their son, Ruaariki Vaike.

Although it is a very special time for the family, Ruaariki’s mother, Angie Vaike, has big hopes for the year ahead of her. Her father suffers from Diabetes and her mother is a survivor of cancer, therefore it is her mission to fulfil her parent’s wishes, come 2014.

Angie’s mother, Te Urupiua has one wish for the New Year.

“I want to return to my marae in Te Urewera, in the forest. I haven't been back for many years. I also want to take my husband back to Rarotonga once he's better, to have a holiday.”

Our reporter Rapaera Tāwhai spoke with the family.