University students launch online campaign discussing experiences of racism

By Heeni Brown
  • Auckland

Some Māori and Pacific students from Auckland University have just launched an online campaign detailing their experiences of racism. They talk about subtle racism within everyday student life. 

The Tertiary Admission Scheme, a scheme for applicants of Māori and Pacific ancestry into tertiary programmes is a common thread of racial remarks made in these "I, Too, Am Auckland" video clips.   

These are just some of the racist remarks lecturer David Mayeda says Māori and Pacific students face.

This Maori student says she supports the "I, Too Am Auckland" campaign because it is important to address what she says is personal and institutional racism at the University.

Chloe Manga says "It's more about raising awareness about racism here at the University for Māori and Pacific students and also talking to non-Māori and Pacific about what they can do to benefit our people and for our future"

A total of 47,000 students attend Auckland University and its Vice-Chancellor Professor Stuart McCutcheon and Vice-Chancellor (Māori) Jim Peters say racism of any form is condemned here at the University.

According to the Human Rights Commission, "I, Too, Am Auckland" is a way in where many New Zealanders are able to speak out about their experiences of racism and are waiting to meet with the organisers and youth to discussthe issue. 

With surveys done by the university, they're confident the overall Māori and Pacific student experience is as good as any other group. 

Professor McCutcheon says "I'm very very proud to be a MAPAS student, i'm very very proud not to be involved in MAPAS and that's because we're changing lives and we're changing society"