Tūteao Marae win Marae Kai Masters

By Heeni Brown
  • Waikato/Bay of Plenty

Tūteao Marae come out victorious as first season champions of the Māori Television Series 1 of Marae Kai Masters.

After going through 3 long cooking matches against marae from around the country, they return to their Te Teko home with prizes amounting to $40,000.

Viewers across the nation will find it hard to forget the jokes shared by the members of Tūteao Marae of Te Teko.

But it's not these Ngā Maihi descendants' humour that won the hearts of the judges, but rather, their unique and exquisite menus.

Gundy Pryor, Lolo Hale, Gaynor Paul and Philly Moses are the faces.  Last night at Tūteao Marae, more than 200 people celebrated their success.

Tūteao were up against Huria Marae of Tauranga.  The challenge was to prepare and serve a 3-course meal to 200 guests.

An oven, seating and a huge supply of seafood were awarded to Tūteao Marae.

Heeni Brown has the details.