Topic: Health

Turanga Health bring health to the people

By Aroha Treacher
  • North Island: East Coast

Turanga Health in Gisborne do things differently, they take health care to the people - literally.

It's this approach that caught the attention of the Health Quality and Safety Commission, making them the only Māori health provider selected for Whakakotahi 2018.

It has a mobile health bus that goes to the people, and in the last 24 months they've seen almost 1000 people. 

"We have a large number of whānau that are in the primary industry a lot of them picking broccoli, in the shearing sheds, fishing," says Reweti Ropiha, CEO of Turanga Health.

"So, if we are going to do our mahi right we need to get the whanau engaged a lot earlier than turning up at the hospital."

Almost all the people they see are Māori and the bus service provides a pathway into whānau homes.  "We try and look past the individual consults and do the whanau consults which helps the whanau to understand," says Ropiha.

Turanga Health is one of six providers that has been selected for Whakakotahi 2018 and is the only Māori health organisation. 

The Whakakotahi initiative is designed and driven by the primary care sector. Providers identify areas they want to improve in their practice. They are supported by the Commission to learn about and implement quality improvement methods.

"For us it was fundamentally around measuring how we can make a difference and in the workplaces," explains Ropiha.

The approach of taking health services to the people is something it wants to expand and see adopted nationwide.